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Mamon Balas Rozner Architects

Mamon Architects was established in Tel Aviv in the late eighties after an extended stay in New York for the purpose of study and work. Irit Balas Rozner, B.Arch Technion – Israel Institute of technology, has joined the firm at 2001. The firm consists of five architects and practices in a variety of architectural fields. Our office is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with a branch in Philadelphia, US.


As architects, the product we deliver goes beyond technical details; we bring our own cultural aesthetics, world-view, art and ethics. The building is planned to the last detail, from environmental concept through architecture into the interior design and landscape solutions. We see the building as a whole in which the planning of the internal and external allows for continuity and flow. 


With our clients we engage in a collaborative relationship and it is from our mutual perspective that the project is born. The end product is a combination of our shared ideas, concept and location, all of which create a unique building.  The concept is the most challenging and interesting part. In architecture, ideas are constantly refined throughout the process. Starting from the inspiration and ideas, and then adjusting according to different objective constraints, such as, climate, topography, neighbors, permits and budget. All of those create a synergy that brings different solutions each time. 


Curiosity and enthusiasm are essential components of our work. It compels us to constantly to reevaluate what we think we know. We see art and architecture as interchangeable. We believe that innovation and flexibility in design are an important part of creation.

ממון אדריכלים, ממון, ניר ממון, אסנת ממון


Osnat Mamon

Irit Balas Rozner

Nir Mamon

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